Medal name: The John Feely Medal

Awarded: One award annually of a medal at the IAP meeting and on delivery of a keynote lecture

Brief description: The medal will be awarded annually at the IAP meeting to a single individual chosen by a panel of their peers. It is awarded in memory of the contribution made by the late Professor John Feely to the discipline of Pharmacology. The medal will be awarded in recognition of the role of the successful candidate in the delivery of service to the integrated disciplines of Clinical Therapeutics or Basic Pharmacology through their teaching, research, innovation, mentorship and /or the delivery of exemplary clinical care to patients, if the latter is appropriate. Candidates will normally be active in the Republic of Ireland or in Northern Ireland, however in exceptional circumstances, international candidates with strong links to Republic of Ireland/Northern Ireland may be considered.

The provision of the medal and support of the successful candidate to deliver the Keynote lecture henceforth “The John Feely Lecture” will be provided by the IAP according to the amount decided and rules laid down by its Executive Board. The maximum support provided to cover travel, accommodation and sundries will not normally exceed 400 Euro.


Awarding process

  1. Nominations for the medal will be sought annually in advance
  2. Nominations may be received from any member of the IAP but must be seconded by another member of the IAP
  3. Evidence of agreement to be nominated and attend in person to deliver the lecture and collect the award (by signature) must be provided before the award is approved by the Executive Board of the Association. However, acceptance is not required at the initial step of nomination.
  4. Nominations must be made by an official date, on the official form and accompanied by the required documents.
  5. Late nominations or those not supported by an IAP member will not be accepted.
  6. Nominations will be reviewed by an Award Committee appointed by the Executive. This committee will comprise three individuals, with at least two being members of the Society. The award committee will evaluate the nominees and present a shortlist of 2 or 3 candidates to the Executive Board. The Board will then have the final decision. At this stage, the successful candidate should be informed, and their consent sought to progress arrangements for the Lecture and award.
  7. It is the responsibility of the President of the society to inform the successful candidate regarding the award and to liaise with them to seek their acceptance and to make arrangements for all aspects of completion of the award and delivery of the lecture. However, in the absence of the President this task may be delegated to the Secretary of the Association.


Eligibility Criteria for award of the John Feely Medal

  1. The successful candidate (as above) will be drawn from a panel of nominees accompanied by supporting documentation.
  2. The successful candidate will have demonstrated exemplary achievement, leadership and reputation in advancing the discipline of Pharmacology (clinical or basic) across at least one of the following domains; teaching, research, innovation, mentorship or clinical care.
  3. As the medal recognises career achievements, no awardee can be nominated again.


Advice to Nominators

Nominations are sought for individuals of integrity, judgment and exceptional achievement, whose acceptance of the award would add lustre to the Association. Conferring of the award acknowledges an outstanding contribution to scholarship, society, culture and /or civil society. Nominators should explain why the candidate may be considered the best in their particular category.

The Executive Committee of the Association, chaired by the President of the Association considers all proposals. The Executive Committee attaches great importance to achieving a balance in the composition of candidates (between disciplines, gender, age, nationality and geographic region). As a consequence, successful candidates in the current round may not necessarily be invited to take up their award for several years.

Submissions should not exceed two pages of typescript and should provide a brief summary of the career and achievements of the candidate. A comprehensive CV is not required at this stage. It is important to explain why candidates are pre-eminent in their field and why they in particular should be selected at this time. It is also helpful to state if there are reasons why the award from the Association would be particularly appropriate.

Every effort should be made to ensure that contact details for the nominee are up-to-date. However, nominees should NOT be informed that they are being proposed.

Nominators should check the accuracy of the information supplied, as it may be used for the orations and for publicity material. Successful nominators may be asked to supply more detailed information prior to their candidate being approved by Board.

Nominators should be aware the Association is a designated body under the Freedom of Information Act 2014.

John Feely Medal Nominations