Recap 2023 Annual Meeting

The Irish Association of Pharmacologists Annual Meeting, a highly anticipated event in the field of pharmacology, recently concluded with a day filled with insightful presentations, engaging discussions, and exciting developments. The gathering was a testament to the dedication and innovation of pharmacologists in Ireland and beyond. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights of this memorable day.

Opening Welcome Address

The day commenced with a warm welcome from the President of the IAP, Professor Christian Waeber. His address set the tone for the event, emphasizing the significant contributions of speakers, young scientists, and researchers in their respective fields.

Notable Oral Presentations

The conference featured a series of remarkable oral presentations, offering a glimpse into cutting-edge research and discoveries. Fawza Mashouf Alenazi, a postgraduate student from Trinity College Dublin, kickstarted the presentations with her research on “VE-cadherin degradation and ubiquitination upon pharmacological inhibition of PP2A and ability to recycle by Rab11a,” which captivated the audience.

Next, Nicole Cosgrave, a postgraduate student from Beaumont Hospital and RCSI University of Medicine and Health Science, presented her work on “Risk prediction models for adverse drug reactions and adverse drug events in older adults – A systematic review,” shedding light on the critical area of drug safety in older populations.

Keynote Speakers

The event also had the privilege of hosting two distinguished keynote speakers. Professor Clare Guilding from Newcastle University and Chair of the IUPHAR Education section delivered a talk on “Innovations in Pharmacology Education,” inspiring educators and students alike. Following a refreshing coffee break, Professor Niamh Moran from the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland presented her research on “The Platelet as a Therapeutic Target,” highlighting the potential of platelet-related therapies.

A Multitude of Research

The day continued with more oral presentations, each offering unique insights. Anushka Kulkarni explored “The role of platelets in multiple myeloma,” while Andrea Kwakowsky delved into “Investigating the therapeutic potential of targeting NKCC1 and KCC2 dysfunction in Alzheimer’s Disease.”

Poster Presentations and Networking

Over 20 poster presentations from universities across Ireland were on display during the lunch break, showcasing a wide range of research fields. Attendees had the opportunity to engage with presenters, discuss their work, and broaden their network within the pharmacological community.

The John Feely Lecture

One of the day’s highlights was the esteemed John Feely Lecture, delivered by Professor Micheal Rowan from Trinity College Dublin. Professor Rowan shared his 50 years of experience in pharmacology in Ireland, reflecting on the field’s transformation over the decades. Following the lecture, Dr. Martina Hennessy, Vice President of IAP, presented Professor Rowan with the John Feely medal, a distinguished honor recognizing exemplary contributions to clinical therapeutics or basic pharmacology through teaching, research, mentorship, and clinical care.

More Oral Presentations

The conference didn’t stop short of fascinating oral presentations. Anurag Mishra discussed “The Endosomal Recycling Inhibitor Primaquine Induces Ferroptosis in HER2-positive Breast Cancer Cells and Increases Lapatinib Chemosensitivity,” offering new perspectives on breast cancer treatments. The final oral presentation came from Clodagh Scannell, who explored “Biologically based complementary and alternative medicine use” and its implications for individuals living with and beyond cancer in Ireland.

Keynote Speaker Andrea Pignatelli

The final keynote speaker, Andrea Pignatelli from the Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics at University College Cork, delved into “Analysis of Pharmacology Assessment using Legitimation Code Theory,” shedding light on innovative assessment techniques in the field.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The day’s agenda included the Annual General Meeting (AGM), where members discussed the association’s future course, elected a new committee, and agreed to add an additional postgraduate representative to the executive committee. This collaborative effort ensures the continued growth and progress of the Irish Association of Pharmacologists.

Awards and Acknowledgments

The conference concluded with the recognition of excellence. The British Pharmacological Society generously sponsored prizes for the best oral and poster presentations. Nicole Cosgrave received the award for the best oral presentation, while Ye Yang’s outstanding poster presentation was also honored.

The Irish Association of Pharmacologists Annual Meeting was a day of knowledge sharing, networking, and celebration. It highlighted the remarkable work being done in the field of pharmacology in Ireland and served as a platform for future collaborations and breakthroughs. We look forward to the continued growth and success of this vibrant community of pharmacologists.

Thank you to all the speakers, presenters, and attendees for making this event a resounding success. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for pharmacology in Ireland!