Professor/Chair of Advanced Pharmacotherapy

UCC wishes to appoint a Chair and Professor in Advanced Pharmacotherapy (Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, School of Medicine with a secondary affiliation to School of Pharmacy). The post-holder will provide academic leadership in Pharmacology and Therapeutics at UCC. The successful candidate will have an outstanding record of scholarly achievement and research leadership and will lead the continued growth and development of collaborative, funded research programmes in Pharmacology in a translational research environment. This includes the process of discovery of mechanisms of action of next generation medicines in an environment of predictive diagnosis and the development of precision therapeutics agents in a collaborative setting.

The post-holder will make a substantial contribution to the continuous development and delivery of UCC’s Masters and PhD programmes in Pharmacology and Therapeutics. Through excellent leadership, the post-holder will continuously develop a world-class collaborative and high-impact postgraduate research programme in Pharmacology and Therapeutics, training future leaders, positioning UCC as an international leader in advanced pharmacotherapy.

Applications are particularly welcome from candidates with expertise in translational pharmacology or those with interests in one or more of the following thematic areas in Future medicines:

  • Predictive diagnostics
  • Precision therapeutics.
  • Next generation pharmacotherapy.

Informal queries about this post can be made in confidence to: Professor David Kerins, Professor of Therapeutics

This position is being filled as part of UCC Futures – Future Medicines.

What is UCC Futures – Future Medicines

UCC Futures – Future Medicines combines a multidisciplinary team of renowned world leading scientists, engineers and clinician investigators at University College Cork and affiliated hospitals working collaboratively from bench to bedside, to advance the translation of next generation medicines and medical treatments for chronic disease conditions.

It leverages the expertise and infrastructure across multiple Schools in UCC’s College of Medicine & Health, in addition to UCC Research Centres and Institutes including APC Microbiome Ireland and our flagship Tyndall National Institute. This unique translational environment will become a magnet for small & medium enterprise and  multi-national corporation investment in the region particularly across the biopharma, healthcare and medtech sectors.

UCC Futures – Future Medicines is creating step-change advancements in earlier detection, faster prognosis and targeted treatments to reduce the global health burden and improve quality-of-life for patients with chronic conditions, such as cancer, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, neurological, and inflammatory diseases.

Deadline for applications

Candidates should apply, in confidence, before 12pm (Irish Standard Time) on Thursday, 16 March 2023. No late applications will be accepted.

To view the full description , please see UCC Futures Medicines